Having visited hundreds of homes over the years as a child and family behavior consultant, it was inevitable to witness how a child or infant's sleep schedule can affect the entire family system. It was only natural that I become fluent in sleep consultation and provide answers to questions like:  

“What is ‘normal’ sleep behavior for my infant?” 

“Is something wrong?” 

“Is it the right temperature for my baby's room?”

“Do I have a colicky baby?”

“Is there too much light? Not enough?”

“Should I buy a sound machine? How loud?”

“Is my child old enough for a toddler bed?”

“How do I get them to stay in bed?”


Through child and infant sleep consultation, I can address your concerns and answer questions about the major sleep theories/methods out there today. Trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I will approach your needs as an independent clinician, educator, and coach. Furthermore, I schedule by the hour when you request and need. I am not a franchise holder promoting a singular trademarked sleep plan and I do not sell service “packages.” I provide you with science-based options - an approach that may not adhere to one specific sleep method but rather integrates different evidence-based methods which can be modified to suit your unique child and family. This includes and considers:


- Family schedule. 


- Other caregivers.


- Developmental  considerations. 


- Temperament. 


- Parenting philosophy and family culture.


Lastly, protecting your child’s health is first and foremost. While there is much anecdotal experience out there, my information sources are evidence-based. My advice ends with the science and findings of pediatricians and the American Academy of Pediatrics. As a result, you can count on me to always provide the medical and clinical sources for the advice I provide you and your family.


Please call or email with any questions you might have about my practice.

Please note that I am currently providing Child and Family Behavior Consultation for clients within the city of San Francisco only.  I offer Sleep Consultation by means of  Zoom throughout the U.S..

How to contact me:

Abel Grebenik, M.A.


Phone: 415. 212. 8705




For in-home behavior consultation I offer an initial phone call at no charge and am available during most evenings and weekends. My Consultation hours are by appointment.

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